web developer

web developer

Hi! I am Melissa Gattoni, a systems analyst and programmer. I am enthusiastic about web development in general, with a particular emphasis on creating applications that help people. I have participated in the creation of corporate websites and been the administrator of dynamic content for a variety of projects. I specialize in the early stages of software development, such as object-oriented analysis and design using UML, but I also have experience with the implementation of various applications.


One area that I am passionate about is education and integrating technology into the classroom. This is why the subject of my thesis is the development of a web application that helps teachers who work with children who have speech impediments. The application creates educational materials dynamically, allowing parents, teachers, and students to work together to make the learning process more effective.

I always enjoy researching, and working on, new technologies, as well as exchanging different ideas and points of view with my fellow developers. Above all, I believe that a developer should always keep the needs of real people in mind while working on a project, because we develop and design applications for them, not idealized users with advanced computer knowledge.

I am currently finishing up the thesis for my Software Engineering degree from the Federico Santa María Technical University (, San Joaquín campus.

Front/Back End WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, LESS, Bootstrap 3, JQuery, Javascript, XML, C#, SQL, MySQL, UML, WooCommerce, CakePHP, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Premiere.

Descarga mi cv aqui / Download my Resume Here: Melissa_Gattoni_Resume




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